Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Hello and welcome to The B Word.

If you are new here, I’m Belle and this is my new venture in the blogosphere … The B Word. Some of you might be familiar with my old sight “BelleBlogs” and a wondering to yourself, why have you started from the beginning again when you already had a good following? Well in all honesty … I fell out of love with blogging and what I had built on the internet and the only way I saw myself finding that spark again was by starting completely from scratch. Also, in my mind “BelleBlogs” wasn’t me anymore. I have changed so much since lil 19 year old me starting blogging and to be honest I grew out of my previous blog, thus welcoming “The B Word”.

“The B Word” is going to be my way to express myself and life milestones as a 25 year old still trying to find herself in the craziness of social media, however a lot of the topics from “BelleBlogs” will still come with me (believe me I’ve still got lots to talk about).

We will be exploring all things to do with beauty, living life in your mid twenties and navigating my way through endometriosis, so if any of that sounds interesting to you, feel free to grab a cuppa and stick around.

Until next time …

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 1: New Beginnings”

  1. Welcome back to blogging! I too fell out of love with bloggjng before and so I deleted my old blog. It’s nice you found yourself back to the blogging world with a fresh start. Nice name for a blog!

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