My 2021 Beauty Round Up!

Hey Beauties,

Another year around the sun has passed us, and lets be honest 2021 wasn’t the best of years (ngl 2020 was still the worst). But in the beauty world it was a different story. I discovered so many new golden products throughout the year and there were loads of new launches as well that caught my eye.

I have put myself on a spending ban this month so I am getting through it by reminicsing my 2021 purchases …. and no it isn’t working before you ask!

Fenty Skin

If you have read my review about Fenty Skin then you will know how highly I rank these products! They are gentle on the skin, smell dreamy and all in all …amazing! My number one from the range has to be the Total Cleans’r, I genuinely can’t live without it!

Freshly Baked London Tan

This was one of those Insta purchases after falling down their TikTok rabbit hole … and it has now become my number one tan of choice! The 1 hour rapid tan in the scent baby powder is my current obsession because it gives me the most natural glow in literally an hour, but without the traditional ‘I smell like I am wearing tan’ stage. It is a small independent business too which is even better. So if you are looking for a new tan … look no further!

Caroline Hirons – SkinCare

I don’t want to sound dramatic… but this book Changed my skins life!

Now I know that my blog is heavily beauty based, as is all of my socials, so I was shocked when I realised how little I knew about skin and specifically what to do with it (weird sentence I know but roll with me). I have literally read this book cover to cover and feel like a changed person and boy does my skin thank me. I cannot rave about this book enough so if you haven’t bought it … there is no excuse!

I also just found out that there is a ‘SkinCare: The Edit’ that has just been released, so you best believe that will be my first purchase on the 1st of February!

Lottie Ldn Skin Tint

Something that has changed during the pandemic is my love of lightweight base products … enter the Lottie LDN Skin Tint. This product is a under a tenner, but is one of the best base products I have EVER tried! It is so light you can barely feel it, but yet makes my skin look flawless … and to top it all off I ran multiple 10k’s this year for Endometriosis UK and this product did not budge!

Need I say more!?

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This one was an oldie but a goodie that found itself back in my life during the pandemic and I don’t know how I lived my life without it to be honest. I will say though, that back in the original Zoella hype of Lasting perfection concealer … my teen skin really did not get on with Collection product. However since the concealers revamp, colour extension and new vegan formulation … I finally get the hype from the YouTube of yesteryear … and I am obsessed.

FYI it is only ยฃ4.49!

Lip/Cheek Tints

I am starting to see a trend with the type of products that are in this round up post … It all seems to be products that pre pandemic/lockdown I wouldn’t really have gone near, and lip/cheek tints is definitely one of those products. However, lockdown has changed me and now I stan tints in a big way. My favourites for 2021 were by Benefit Cosmetics, specifically their latest offerings ‘love tint’ and ‘play tint’ which give the most stunning flush of colour to the cheek with ‘love tint’ being a lovely red shade and ‘play tint’ the perfect summer peachy pink flush that I am truly obsessed with and are now just staples in my makeup routine.

I would love to know what your favourite products of 2021 are and if any of the products in this post are on your list.

See you soon!

Disclaimer: some of the links in the post are affiliated meaning I will make a small commission if you purchase from the link